The Best Moment To Propose To Your Girlfriend


Should I propose now, or should I do it later?

That’s one of the questions that always bother a man who is already willing to settle down with the love of his life.

Finding out the perfect timing to propose is confusing to men. Of course, they don’t know what final answer will they get from the one whom they truly love.

But when do you know when it is already the right time to propose?

Let me help you with that. Below is a checklist that will help and guide you before you pop that life-changing question to your girlfriend:

  1. You have talked about marriage
  2. You both have stable jobs
  3. You are open with your finances
  4. Both families know that both of you are dating each other
  5. You want to share your life achievements with your partner
  6. Make sure to read the girlfriend activation system

And lastly…

6. You can’t imagine a life without your partner.

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