12 Weird Ways to Make People Fall in Love With You

February 27, 2018 Dominick T. Hopkins 0

Love has its own reasons, they say – reasons that the heart does not know. For generations, mankind has stumbled in the shadow, trying to pinpoint the factors that influence people to paint the town red. While many have raised a white flag in surrender, sighing and shrugging to Selena Gomez’s “The Heart Wants What It Wants” or Taylor Swift’s “I knew You Were Trouble,” Psychology effectively earns bragging rights by successfully defining and diagnosing why people fall in love, and they are weird and fascinating.

So, we’ve compiled science-proven ways to make someone see the sparks in Summer.


Do something thrilling together.

There’s a psychological phenomenon called the “Misattribution of Arousal,” which basically means that when a person meets somebody after doing something exciting or extreme, he/she mistakes the arousal from the activity to be arousal for the other person.

 Smart kids (with a PhD in Social Psychology) Donald Dutton and Arthur Aron illustrated this phenomenon in their study in 1974 where they placed men under two conditions: the first set walked across a high shaky bridge and the second on a low sturdy one. Afterwards, they met a female interviewer who gave them her phone number “just in case”.

 As it turns out, the men who walked the high shaky bridge were more likely to call the woman interviewer because they’ve mistake rush of adrenaline they felt from walking the shaky bridge as arousal for the woman. So, on your first date, jumpstart the chemistry by doing something extreme – skydive, bunjee jump – rather than sticking to the usual candle lit dinner.


Prime them to feel more attracted.

Priming basically means you set the person’s mind into something by exposing him to stimuli that will influence him to respond the way you want them to.

John Bargh, a Yale psychologist, illustrated this through an experiment where he had participants hold warm or cold beverages and asked them to rate someone’s personality, warm or cold. Those who held cold drinks rated the person’s personality cold because their subconscious was already primed to think that way.

So the next time you go on date, you might want to take them to coffee instead of buying them ice cream.

Live close to them.

Distance doesn’t make the heart grow fonder. You have to physically be present in order to establish and keep an emotional connection. Passive interactions, like brief meetings and short conversations, make people feel more intimate towards each other. Mere exposure primarily causes attraction. That’s what the girlfriend activation system states and highly recommends.

Live in a beautiful home.

Apparently, your property reflects who you are (or at least, your social standing).  Researchers from Cardiff Metropolitan University photographed a man in a luxury apartment and in a standard apartment. Female subjects were significantly more attracted to the men in the luxury apartment.


Own a dog.

Owning a dog doesn’t only make men look laidback and approachable, women also see it as a sign that they are able to take care of something aside from themselves. According to Dognition, 82% of people are more likely to approach an attractive person with a dog than someone  without. When legendary psychologists Nicolas Geguen and Serge Ciccotti asked women their numbers without a dog,  one in ten ladies gave their number, but one in every three women  gave it when the men asked with a dog.


Don’t like them on your first meeting.

Love at first sight is a rare occurrence. Not being attracted to a person in the first meeting and then having occasional brief moments afterwards build up intimacy and connection. Most of all, people find it rewarding  to win someone over, so there’s no judgment in playing hard to get and making the other person work for it.


Match your walking pace.

This isn’t figurative speaking. Researchers from the University of Illinois found that men walk at a significantly slower pace to match the pace of women they like.


Get Botox.

It unfortunately makes sense. A European study proves that women who had botox look younger, more attractive and healthy so they were more likely to find partners. But hey,  that doesn’t mean you have to visit your derma every week! Too much of anything can be bad.


Smile a lot.

You know how the funny guy most often than not gets the hot girl? It turns that the intensity of a smile compensates for relative unattractiveness. Aside from that, someone who smiles a lot seems to be someone who is easy to be with, secure and happy. People find that smiling is a signifier of strength, and they attracted to that.


Play music.

While this may seem relative, a study in France made a young man hold either a guitar case or a sports bag and had him ask 300 women for their numbers. Women more likely responded positively when the man was holding a guitar case.


Wear red.

A Slovakian research tested and proved the hypothesis that women who wore red were more successful in the dating scene. Red not only gives out sense of independence, sexiness  and ferocity. It’s also attributed to sexual signaling.


Get facial hair.

An Australian experiment found that women liked faces with heavy stubble than those with heavy beards, light stubble and clean shaven. Women perceived men with facial hair as masculine (and better in bed)  – especially when she is in her menstrual cycle. It also seems full beard indicate high parenting ability.…

Rules for Good Communication in a Relationship

February 19, 2018 Dominick T. Hopkins 0


Communication is one of the aspects in dealing with your partner in a relationship. It is whether to express how you feel, to discuss a problem or only to talk with your partner about random things.

To have a good communication can lead to a positive interaction between you and your partner. What are shown below are the rules or principles in order for your relationship to grow and for the both of you to understand each other’s feelings and opinion – girlfriend activation system review.

Invest in Resolving the Problem rather Than Attacking the Person

In order for the conflict to end hastily, focus on how to resolve the issue vocally without using violence. Hitting or attacking your partner could just result to harassment and anger. Even if you’re about to explode, try to compose yourself for it is the best solution to clear things out calmly and positively.

Remain Calm When Speaking

Strive to remain calm when talking to your partner, but when angry, avoid being furious and try to minimize your volume. The process is about explanation and understanding but never intimidation.

Allow One Person to Speak at a Time

This shows respect towards your partner and for having a good communication interaction. Not it a weird ways to fall in love.

 Keep the Explanation Brief and Direct to the Point

Summarize your points rather that talking nonstop like adding complaints, details and unimportant issues as it could lead to distractions.

 Listen to the Other Person Even If You Disagree

Avoid being emotionally immature just because you are mad at your partner. Listening to his side might help you realize some point that you have misunderstood.

Listen Without Complaints or Comments

Listening to your partner silently means that you are attentive to what he is talking about. Give credit that your lover can share ideas or explanation about solving a problem unless they request for your ideas or advices.

 Focus on the Present, Forget the Past

Concentrate on the “here” and “now” issues, and not what had happened in the past. Focusing on the present could give opportunity for the both of you to learn about new ideas and plans for the future in order for your love to blossom more. If you try to open up those undesirable things in the past that have been buried deeply, an argument will just arise.

Speak for Yourself

Share your ideas or thoughts with your lover to create an interesting conversation. As for the problem, learn to speak for yourself in order to let him about your feelings and ideals. That way, the both of you will learn on how to read between the lines.

Avoid Being Judgmental, Blaming and Name-Calling

Just because you are feeling blue or your principles have not been acknowledged, you don’t need to blame your partner by saying negative things towards him. Settle down your pride for you to have a clear disposition. Being judgmental shows that you still have doubts on your partner, and it could hurt you lover’s feeling because he feels that you don’t trust him fully. Stay positive even how detrimental that argument is.Do not forget to apologize and make up after a fight.

Conversation is the key in letting your partner read yourself. Be an open book when it comes to the matters regarding your relationship. Talk wisely and cleverly, but avoid being boastful with your partner. Sharing words with the one you love is an amazing way to clear cryptic emotions out of the two of you.…

Getting to know each Other in Online Dating Site!

February 8, 2018 Dominick T. Hopkins 0

Flirting is one of the most beguiling aspects of online dating. You might be a shrinking violet in a day to day to setting like an office or pub, but let loose behind a keyboard you can become funny and relaxed almost at will.

Do this regularly with someone you only know online and you are for all intents and purposes a flirt. And flirting can be fun and cool and sexy. But you can easily send out the wrong signals and make the wrong moves if you don’t watch your step.

We hope you find flirting around with online partners to be a fun and rewarding experience, and to help you avoid some of the pitfalls, we present a short list of things you can do to keep yourself safe and the conversation flowing easily.Always ask “open” questions – if you ask someone a question that has a simple yes or no answer, it can bring your conversation to a very abrupt halt. Having a good communication is is good for relationship.

When the conversation is flowing freely you want to keep that back and forth going as long as you can. Breaking the conversation is therefore bad and unless you have a witty reply to hand in event of a flat ‘no’ to a question then you can find yourself floundering to get going again.Mock yourself before you mock the other person – people who appear confident and funny in chat might actually be a mass of neuroses.

They’re putting on their best front for you, so until you know them very well don’t start taking the mick out of them – girlfriend activation system download. Instead, mocking yourself will put your chat partner at ease and, perversely, make you appear more confident and relaxed.If you want to ask a personal question, get permission – it might be critical for your relationship that you know something about somebody’s past. It’s entirely fair to ask those questions, but make sure you phrase them in a way that is non-invasive. Even in the relaxed environment of the internet a little politeness goes a long way. So couch your question by asking something like: “May I ask if you’ve ever been married?” You’re still asking for the same information, but you give them an opportunity to decline a request. 9 times out of 10, they won’t – but they will feel easier answering it.Don’t ask questions about personal appearance right off the bat – few people are lucky enough to be super-confident in their appearance.

If you plunge in to ask their height, bra-size or eye colour you could inadvertently be touching a very raw nerve. You’ll know when the time is right, and you might even find that when you know their personality first, it matters less to you. And that makes for a much happier chance of a healthy relationship.Don’t pressurise for commitment – being realistic, it’s possible for people to juggle many internet relationships. This doesn’t make them a bad person or a terrible slut. It just means that they’re keeping their options open.

If you start to threaten their options, you’ll very quickly turn from being a great online chat partner to being a burden. Far from gaining their commitment, you’ll be running the risk of seeming a little bit controlling. And there’s not many folk are looking to be controlled.Don’t be too easy – let’s not beat about the bush here. You could be having cybersex.

That’s fine – and it can be great fun – but don’t make it the be-all end-all of your chats. Sexual tension and erotic exchanges are exciting, but can also take the air out of other conversations. If it happens, fine. But don’t feel you have to push for it or even respond to it if it’s not your thing. Even online, you’ve got to keep to your own boundaries.…


The Best Moment To Propose To Your Girlfriend

November 7, 2017 Dominick T. Hopkins 0

Should I propose now, or should I do it later?

That’s one of the questions that always bother a man who is already willing to settle down with the love of his life.

Finding out the perfect timing to propose is confusing to men. Of course, they don’t know what final answer will they get from the one whom they truly love.

But when do you know when it is already the right time to propose?

Let me help you with that. Below is a checklist that will help and guide you before you pop that life-changing question to your girlfriend:

  1. You have talked about marriage
  2. You both have stable jobs
  3. You are open with your finances
  4. Both families know that both of you are dating each other
  5. You want to share your life achievements with your partner
  6. Make sure to read the girlfriend activation system

And lastly…

6. You can’t imagine a life without your partner.…